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All those interested in participating must send a video with their best monologue to with a maximum duration of five minutes. In the sending they must indicate their name, city of residence and a contact telephone number.

El Club de la Comedia’ thus begins the journey of what will be its sixth season on laSexta, which will be recorded in the coming months. Tickets will soon go on sale to attend the recording of the new installments, which will take place as usual in a theater in Madrid.

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As a result of the globalization of social networks, the phenomenon of ‘memes’ (a product that is quickly transmitted through the Internet) has been on the rise. This practice, which is mostly related to comical aspects, seems to have found its star object: politicians.

In it you can see the body and gestures of the actor Leo Harlem. While the face of the comedian has been replaced by that of the President of the Executive. The author has used the stage of the program ‘El club de la comedia’, currently broadcasted by ‘La Sexta’.

The video-montage shows, as a humorous monologue, some of the most famous phrases of the president, such as: «A plate is a plate and a glass is a glass»; «Talavera pottery is not a minor thing, in other words, it is a major thing» or «This is not like water, which falls from the sky without knowing exactly why».

This is not the first time that the user ‘United Unknow’ has made viral videos starring politicians. For example, the video montage based on one of the most famous scenes of the film ‘The Great Dictator’ by Charles Chaplin, where the face of the protagonist has been replaced by that of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, or the so-called ‘Promotion LOMCE law WertLOMCEley Wert’, which uses images taken from Franco’s NODOS.

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Faithful to the spirit with which it was born, the program will present in each edition four comedians who, individually, will reflect with irony and sense of humor on aspects of everyday life such as gay weddings, Sundays in childhood, sales, military service or pregnancies.

Between monologue and monologue, El club de la comedia will show videos in which the spectator can appreciate the backroom of the program. These images will reflect, in a humorous way and through interviews with the actors, how they prepare the text, how they face the previous moments, what are their hobbies or where is the difficulty of their monologue.

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Graduated in Tourism and Leisure at the University Rovira i Virgili, she concluded her studies in 2013.[3] Interested in acting she trained in acting at the school of cinema and theater Metropolis c. e. in Madrid. During this stage she participated, as part of her training, in theatrical and musical performances and collaborated in several short films made by the school, she also did micro-theater. He continued performing monologues. In 2017 he participated in El club de la comedia. In 2018 she participated in La resistencia and attended as a guest on Ilustres ignorantes and was a collaborator in Yu, no te pierdas nada.[4] She worked in Late motiv of #0 as a collaborator in the section «Gente random» in 2018.[4][5] She was co-host of Ese programa del que usted me habla on La 2 from January 2019 replacing Marta Flich,[6] being previously a collaborator. [7] She intervened as a collaborator in the program Hoy no se sale on U-Beat, premiered in February 2019.[8] She was part of the comedy program Las que faltaban on #0, premiered in March 2019, a late night in which female comedians were the featured protagonists.[9]