Edad de rocío flores carrasco

Edad de rocío flores carrasco

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abc – 5 month ago Rocío Flores steps forward and declares open war against his mother, Rocío CarrascoIn Telecinco is served by chapters a family war that dazzles the audience: Carrasco vs. Flores and vice versa. Of course, the protagonists take their own interests into their own hands. This is the case of Rocío Flores, who does not give stitch without thread, or so it seems. And is that the daughter of Antonio David and Rocío Carrasco has used her Instagram account to show all her support for Olga and her supporters. The issue occurred the same day that the interview of the winner of Supervivientes was broadcasted. Undoubtedly, pure morbidity.

And, be careful, because he who warns is not a traitor, a phrase uttered by Carlos Sobera did not go unnoticed: «I can take this opportunity to say that I suppose that Antonio David will have his chance, in due time, within Mediaset, to give his statements, for example, about that (accusations that Rocío Carrasco blames him)».

Undoubtedly, everything suggests that it will not be too long before the landing of the entire clan. Therefore, it makes sense that Rocío Flores takes advantage of her social networks to show infinite gratitude to the blue tide. We must continue to feed the fire so that the bonfire does not go out. Between the Treasury and legal debts,


Rocio Flores has reached out to Kiko Rivera just when he is also living a family controversy. And is that the DJ has decided to break the relationship with Anabel and Isa Pantoja, and after the death of his grandmother, Ana Maria Martin, charged hard against them. Faced with these facts, the daughter of Rociíto has come out in defense of Kiko, assuring that he does not justify «the forms because he has not done well», but understands that he does not know «how to manage the situation». «I live it too,» she indicated, showing that she understands his situation because of his exposure to the media.

After Olga’s victory in ‘Supervivientes’, Rocío and the young woman spent part of the summer together between Málaga and Cádiz. They are very close and Rocío and her siblings were the people who were most happy about the victory of ‘Oa’, as they call her. Together we have seen them in a spa.

Rocío Carrasco is like a daughter to María Teresa Campos, due to the great friendship that united her with Rocío Jurado. Therefore, in the midst of the controversy between Rocio Flores and her mother, Maria Teresa has made some statements that have not liked anything to the daughter of Antonio David. After the broadcasting of Rociíto’s documentary, the journalist reproached the young woman for her attitude, commenting that she did not see that she was interested in reconciling with her mother, and had previously assured that she did not know Rocío Flores, a statement that was denied when some photos appeared of the two of them, arm in arm, at the baptism of Rosario Mohedano’s daughter. As a result of these statements, the granddaughter of the Jurado launched a setback to Maria Teresa Campos, defending her ex-partner, Bigote Arrocet, stating that she found it hard to «believe» that he would leave «his partner for a WhatsApp».

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In addition to the non-relationship with her mother, there is the separation of her father and Olga Moreno. After days of rumors, Antonio David confirmed the end of their marriage and Rocío, present on the set of ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’, burst into tears. The young woman is very close to ‘Oa’, as she and her brother call Olga Moreno, and has assured that, despite the separation, they will remain a united family. This has been the love story of Antonio David Flores and Olga Moreno.

Below, we review the biography of Rocío Flores Carrasco. From the first images of her, as a baby, in the arms of her grandmother, Rocío Jurado; her boyfriends, like Manuel Bedmar with whom she lives in Málaga, or the best snapshots with her family. Do you want to see them? Then read on.

Rocío Flores has lent a hand to Kiko Rivera just when he is also living a family controversy. And is that the DJ has decided to break the relationship with Anabel and Isa Pantoja, and after the death of his grandmother, Ana Maria Martin, charged hard against them.

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In one of her first appearances as a defender of her father in ‘GH VIP 7’, Rocío opted for this outfit that made her look older with satin blouse and transparencies and wide pants in a metallic fabric.

If there is a print that Rocío Flores likes is this print with which she pays tribute to her paternal surname: flowers. In most of her television appearances she wears it with garments from the firm Sesamo by Marta, of which she is the image. This dress, for example, sold out within hours of wearing it.

One of the best-selling Zara sweatshirts in 2017 was this one worn by Rocío Flores, in black with mustard and white details. The TV collaborator wears it with white pants -which let us see the tattoos she wears at the ankles, in one of them they say ‘Freedom’- and sneakers.

Rocío likes to take risks with her outfits… and she gets it right. In this image we see her with a look that can be defined as ‘impossible’, because of the mix of styles – torn denim overshirt, printed pleated skirt and black military boots plus turquoise mask with white polka dots – and it doesn’t look bad at all.