What is the euro today

What is the euro today

Value of the dollar

The start of monetary policy normalization will result in a stronger dollar in the coming months. The Fed is ahead of other central banks in withdrawing stimulus. Lower asset purchases and higher real interest rates will increase the attractiveness of the dollar.

On the inflation side, the CPI rebound to current levels (+5.3%) is due to transitory factors (bottlenecks in supply chains -semiconductors, containers, etc.-, rising commodity prices or huge fiscal stimuli) that should moderate in the coming months.

In any case, this appreciation will be moderate, as there are arguments that justify a weaker dollar against the euro. Firstly, a larger trade deficit and higher budget spending in the US lead to a further depreciation of the dollar. In addition, the dollar loses its attractiveness as a safe haven asset in an environment of lower uncertainties (high vaccine effectiveness, resolution of political uncertainties…).

Euro today argentina

The converter shows how much is 1 euro in relation to the Colombian peso today on the forex at the given time. To convert other amounts enter them in the corresponding fields. Colombian Peso

The largest private bank in the country and one of the largest in the Americas is Bancolombia. The financial institution belongs to the multinational group Sura and is headquartered in Medellin. Bancolombia has 11 million customers in Colombia and owns 20% of the Colombian banking market.

Today’s Colombian peso euro exchange rate shown above is for informational purposes only. Although believed to be accurate, no guarantees are made as to its correctness or accuracy. Therefore, any use for current account operations, forex trading or for any other purpose should be considered at your own risk.

The exchange rate EUR/COP shown above is for informational purposes only. Even if it is considered reliable, no guarantees are given as to its accuracy or correctness. Therefore any use, for any purpose, should be considered at your own risk.

Dollar to chilean peso

During the meeting, there was a discussion on the need to have a professional who is directly linked to the programs and curricula of the Ministry of Education (MINED), who also has decision-making power and strategic vision.

It was also agreed to hold, in the near future, a meeting to welcome all the members of the Committee, which is made up of specialists and directors of other organizations involved in the ENEF, as well as to hold an Awareness Workshop to present the work done so far and the need to join efforts due to all the transcendental areas involved in the subject.

The activity was attended by Marta Sabina Wilson González, Minister President of the BCC, Mariela Padrón, member of the National Secretariat of SNTAP, Mercedes Rivero, member of the Provincial Secretariat of SNATP, as well as members of the BCC Board of Directors, of the Secretariat of the Central de Trabajadores of the provincial and municipal levels, as well as officials and workers of the institution.

What is the euro?

Although the Euro began circulating in 1999 for accounting purposes, banknotes and coins began to be traded only in 2002. This meant a number of benefits, such as simpler «borderless» trade, with no exchange rates for or against. This led to equal (or similar) costs when executing international or domestic transactions.

A major advantage of the Euro is the increase in tourism between members, as it simplifies customs procedures and reduces the cost of foreign travel as it is no longer dependent on factors such as domestic economies. It also provides a wider range of options at the macroeconomic level, such as working together to coordinate fiscal and economic policies.

Given these conditions, there is currently a trend of caution and regional risk aversion. U.S. protectionist and domestic job creation policies, as well as Brexit, are two clear examples. The price of the Euro, therefore, does not escape this aversive trend, in addition to having lost a financially powerful ally, such as the United Kingdom.