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Who said rap couldn’t be romantic? These words of Rapsusklei lead us to reflect on what many of us think happens to us when we fall in love, that we love too much and that can lead us to suffer:

Words worthy of reflection are those of this lyrics by Andres Calamaro and is that sometimes we turn our life into a closed prison, when the reality is that we are perfectly free and that the limits are built by ourselves:

Great reflection of Helloween, we spend our lives surrounded by the typical question What do you want to be? What should you be? What do you want to achieve? But no one, absolutely no one will bother to ask you how you really want to be, if you want to be true to yourself or something else:

El canto del Loco brings us a lyric worthy of reflection, crying is usually ridiculed, the expression of our feelings must be stifled for the comfort of society and bravery has been distorted, but the reality is different, only the brave admit what they feel without hiding behind a disguise:

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I’m not gonna change the way I look the way I feel to conform to something. I’ve always been weird, so I’ll be weird for the rest of my life and I have to live for it. I’m one of those people.

This short line from a song is perfect for those who believe in love fervently. If you are one of these people and want to know more phrases, verses and even romantic poems, we recommend you to read also these Short Romantic Love Poems.

This phrase from a Fran Perea’s song is absolutely right. Really, to be happy you have to want to be happy, be positive and little else, right? If you like phrases and verses about happiness, joy and positivism to share them in your status, do not miss this compilation of Phrases of happiness and joy.

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However, these are both love and heartbreak songs, since it is a feeling that can occur in numerous and problematic states. All of them, however, equally inspiring when composing songs.  Numerous singers of all times and from all corners of the world let themselves be carried away by the feelings aroused by love to write hit songs that sometimes become songs that everyone should know, true hymns for the heart. Do you recognize them all?

6. I will kiss you like no one in this world has ever kissed you, I will love you with my body, my mind and my heart.  – Alejandro Sanz7. At last my love has come, my lonely days are over and life is like a song.  – Etta James

16. You can tell everyone that this is your song. Maybe it’s pretty simple, but now that it’s done I hope you don’t mind me putting it into words: how wonderful life is, now that you’re in the world. – Elton John

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Children inspire. They inspire us beautiful things, they make us see the world from another prism and they fill our days with color. The arrival of a child changes life, and it’s hard to resist shout out to the world the great love we feel for them.

You only have to listen to the lyrics of this song by Laura Pausini to feel completely identified. «A ella le debo mi amor» is included in her album «Similares», and the singer dedicates it to her daughter Paola. Both the melody and the video clip are incredibly beautiful, warm and sweet.

Rosario Flores dedicated this song to her second son, Pedro Antonio, when she was pregnant with him. The lyrics are very beautiful, and any woman expecting a baby will feel deeply identified with the message the singer conveys.

The Italian singer, Eros Ramazotti, talks in this song about what a separated father feels when he has to say goodbye to his daughter until the following week when he will see her again. A reality that many ex-couples and their children go through, sung with great sensitivity.