Noticias la opinion de malaga

Noticias la opinion de malaga

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Last Thursday night, November 26, was a night of recognition, a day in which La Opinión de Málaga rewarded the attitude of the business and institutional fabric of the province within the virtual plane. The fifth edition of the Enterprise 2.0 Awards in which the newspaper gave six awards and a special mention for highlighting and innovating within the digital environment. once again, the Carmen Thyssen Museum in Malaga was the stage where many people from all areas gathered to celebrate this already established annual event. The event was born with the aim of supporting the daily work done by companies and institutions to adapt their strategies and work schemes to the networks and has established itself as the awards for local talent in the world 2.0. For a month thousands of users of the website have voted for the participants in each of the sections of this meeting. The previous step to become finalists and be able to get the different awards that La Opinión de Málaga distributed on Thursday you can download in pdf the special edition of La Opinión de Málaga.

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Grupo Insur was present at the event that La Opinión de Málaga held on June 28th to publicize, promote and value the support for the «Marca Málaga» initiative that they have recently promoted.

With this new project, La Opinión de Málaga, aims to create new spaces for debate that integrate all levels and voices of the economy of Malaga and, thus, serve as a nexus for the promotion of joint work and the use of the strengths of the territory.

The event was supported by numerous political representatives such as the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, the vice president of the Provincial Council, Francisca Caracuel, the territorial delegate of Tourism, Monsalud Bautista, the councilor of Productive Economy of Malaga, María del Mar Martín Rojo and the councilors Carlos Conde and Julio Andrade, some of whom intervened in the presentation. However, it was the intervention of professor and economist José María Gay de Liébana, who made an analysis of the current economic reality, which captured the attention of those present.

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«I said no, I have to let him pass. He didn’t want to and in the end I pushed him because otherwise he wouldn’t get in. In sport it’s not all about winning, you also have to know how to lose,» said Hamza, who also gave him second place on the podium. Nil thanked him repeatedly and assured that he would have done the same: «In the end, these are the values of athletics: friendship, solidarity? You don’t have to win with a bad image. I would have done the same. The video got a brutal repercussion in social networks and users thanked the young athlete for the great gesture of sportsmanship.

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In this report it is stated that the works are being developed according to the planning agreed with the contractor company, having filled and compacted the street section affected by the landslide. In addition, the sewage network that runs along the roadway has been replaced as well as the connection of the houses to it and the sidewalk next to the houses is being demolished and replaced with the services it had, while the sidewalk on the opposite side is being built, so that despite the continuation of the works, the neighbors can return to their homes in complete safety.