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I have no idea why I didn’t tell you about this book, it’s great! By eye, great seen from the point of view of the 19th century reader. By this I mean that, although the story is original, very funny and very well written, sometimes the pace is a little slow and the reading is a little dense. At times we get lost in descriptions or thoughts, which, in a way, make us lose the thread of a rather fast-paced and crazy action, full of absurd moments, crazy conversations and quirky characters. I really enjoyed this story, which is also very well set in that highly correct and educated England of the gentleman. I definitely recommend it.

It had long been recommended to me to read this book but, whenever I saw the person who was going to lend it to me, we both forgot about it, so it was a little while before I could finally have it on my bedside table, ready to read.

I had tried to read other books by Charlaine Harris, specifically those in the True Blood saga, which I had been told were very good, but they had failed to hook me. I guess, this time, it didn’t take her long to win me over because it was a light crime story, colored with some romantic comedy and in which the mystery takes us by the hand page after page, giving us clues and lying to us at the same time. The author plays with misdirection and that makes for a fun read.

the slippers of misfortune

I never expected to be anyone’s white knight. That’s not a role I’ve ever played.But when the Casso crime family goes into uncharted territory, they’re looking for a new hero, and they’re looking for me: Cannon Freeman, the black sheep.But my time in disgrace has come to an end.It’s my turn to rise up and save the people I care about most. Even though my family has never cared about me, I will not let them fall. Most of all, I will not let her fall.There is one thing I know to be true: in my life, nothing is what it seems.A thousand thanks to SHB!

the green star

A great book Rodrigo, one of the most renowned books about the war that confronted Unionists and Confederates, but from a different perspective, leaving aside the epic and descending to the real terrain: wars are not as they are told. There is fear, heroes are not abundant and many times, as has been said countless times, they are characters who were there by chance and had to make a decision that made them brave in the eyes of others, but in reality people are afraid, wanting to leave by feet and be away from the gunfire.

Huston was a peculiar guy, as well as great in the cinematic firmament. It seems that the guy finished filming The Red Badge… and went off to Africa to hunt and shoot The Queen of Africa, without waiting for the editing of the film he had finished. He killed «The Red Badge of Courage», where there was plenty of story to make a great film, in exchange he left us a masterpiece «The Queen of Africa».

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Sitting on the worn flagstones of that platform where, in the good old days, half of humanity had slipped by and, nowadays, only a couple of absent-minded backpacks a week were seen. He puffed on a cigarette as if with each inhalation he could manage to swallow the scenery that surrounded the old station while waiting for the 24:49 train. Impatiently, he left his rough seat and went to the guard who, from his sentry box, was trying to take control of the room. He asks him about the 24:49 train, if it will arrive on time, if it will be delayed or… The 24:49 train has already passed, exactly 24:49 hours ago. Exactly 24:49 hours ago. Don’t you keep track of the time? -No. -You’ll have to come back when the clock strikes 24:49 again. -What an absurd fucking time! Who was the inventor of this crazy timetable? How will I know if I’m over or under time? -It’s a schedule invented at the author’s convenience. If you don’t like it, find another station. Another train. Another trip. Suddenly like an exhalation

A being of light is chased and blocked by another eclipsing body. Nothing like shining to be the focus of what one wants to eclipse at all costs; nothing matters the forms, anything goes to win a war, a medal at the expense of who shines with its own light and therefore is envied. -We must kill that light! -But it is the sun! The whole firmament, in formation, with weapons ready to shoot at the focus of the shining light. The stars are not willing to be overshadowed by anyone. The sun thinks it is the king of the whole universe. The moon hides its unclear intentions. The being of light finds shelter on an unexplored planet and therefore unknown to the rest. It settles with its brightness illuminating what until then had been the dark Earth, and it is here that, because of its naivety, believing to have found the ideal place, it begins a long obstacle course; it has to overcome a thousand and one satellites that try to dim its light using the most deadly weapons inv