Dial de onda cero madrid

Dial de onda cero madrid

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THE CHANNEL PREMIERES ‘EL CLUB DE LAS CINCO’ AND ‘GRUPO DE GUASA’. Onda Cero reinforces its early mornings with the premiere of two new programs: ‘El club de las cinco’, with Carles Lamelo, and ‘Grupo de Guasa’, with the best moments of the comedians of ‘Más de uno’. Onda Cero is facing changes in its programming for the early morning…

Edu García has made a good start in ‘Radioestadio’, after taking over as head of sports at Onda Cero. The station has not yet clarified who will be in charge of sports nights after José Ramón de la Morena’s retirement…

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At 07:20 Nacho Reig informs you of everything that happens in the Comunitat Valenciana. From the first hour we work to tell you what is happening and to point out where the news of each day will go.

Today has been presented in Villajoyosa the Accessible Tourism Program of the Comunitat Valenciana and Marta Llinares tells us about it while Palmira Benajas explains that on Sunday is celebrated in Valencia the day of the poinsettia.

They have called a demonstration this Saturday with which they want to denounce the processes of touristification that they say threaten the district and show their opposition to the construction of a macro hotel complex in the neighborhood of Sant Antoni.

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Access the main sections of your favorite radio programs: Los monólogos de Alsina, La ínsula, El gabinete, Territorio negro, El norte de Lucas, Mujeres con historia, La Carta de Ónega, Divulga que algo queda….

Create your own playlist with the audios and podcasts a la carte that you like to listen to and put the player in car mode to avoid distractions at the wheel; activate the automatic shutdown if you are one of those who go to sleep with the radio while you are listening to the news or something else.

player, in the Madrid station you will be able to rewind the live programs that are on air (startover). The app also has a timer and the possibility to play the audio automatically when you open the app.

In this new version, we improved the experience when playing the radio live and we solved an issue with the timer. We keep working for the radio you deserve! Thank you for listening to Onda Cero.

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