Programacion de 8madrid tv

Programacion de 8madrid tv

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In the field of local television in the Community of Madrid we find a very special case: 8madrid TV. This is a different kind of television, dedicated to cinema thanks to the extensive film catalog provided by Video Mercury Films, sister company of this interesting channel with regional scope.  We went to its headquarters located in the Ciudad de la Imagen in Madrid so that its Technical Director, Gerardo Cabrera del Toro, could tell us all the peculiarities of this television with international vocation.

The audience ratings have finally proved 8madrid TV right in terms of its strategy: its commitment to cinema and, in particular, to several thematic cycles, have given it an accumulative monthly quota of up to 1% during prime time, a figure that allows the station to compete with some national channels.

A large part of the station’s daily workflow involves the digitization of films in Sony’s HDCAM format. We are talking about material that was on tape, in betacam. In addition, archived 35mm and 16mm film is restored: «We invested in Blackmagic Design technology, including a 4K scanner. We have several color correction stations for color correction, shadow correction… Specifically, we have two DaVinci Resolve Mini Panels and a DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel. From there, we go to a Phoenix restoration machine whose software is from Digital Vision.

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La cadena de televisión digital 8Madrid, recientemente lanzada, ha realizado un pedido del sistema de automatización Neptune de Pebble Beach Systems.8Madrid ofrece un servicio de cine en abierto para la Comunidad Autonómica de Madrid, que da servicio al área metropolitana de Madrid.El sistema Neptune, redundante en hardware, se encargará inicialmente de la emisión de hasta 11 canales, a la vez que controlará una serie de dispositivos, entre los que se incluyen un servidor Avid MediaStream de 13 puertos, varios VTR, un router Grass Valley y varios generadores de logotipos Albala y un Avid DekoCast. El sistema de automatización de Pebble Beach también se interconecta con el software de control de tráfico y archivo del proveedor de software español Createcna.Para garantizar la integridad del sistema, un dispositivo controlador de reserva proporciona redundancia para la emisión.Para más información, visite to the top


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The Commission has expressed the view that this levy scheme can benefit from an exemption from the application of State aid rules, given the cultural importance of the film industry in Europe and taking into account the legitimate wish of governments that it should be exempted from State aid rules.

In doing so the French authorities are modelling themselves on the levy scheme in Germany which also covers video shops and which the Commission approved last year. The Commission considered that the levy system could be exempted from the state aid rules because of the cultural importance of the film industry in Europe and the justified desire of countries

The levy system is also used by local channels in their prime time slots, in addition to the common generalist content, but with the criterion of being an alternative to the major generalist channels that are provided by the channel.