Teatro de la opera de granada

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From that moment on, the declarations of the different parties involved in the matter began to follow one after the other. Announcements that began to delay in time the construction of the theater and began to erase dates. In 2010, Paulino Plata, newly appointed Minister of Culture, assumed that the goal of having the theater for the Millennium of the Kingdom of Granada in 2013 began to seem unfeasible. The reason given by the politician was that the economic crisis was putting the financing of the work in serious difficulties. He even appealed to the Ministry of Culture to provide money to continue with the project. But nothing could be further from the truth, since the central government has not heard anything about it.

This media has contacted both the Junta de Andalucía and the team of architects of AH Asociados that has the task of building the enclosure, as well as the City Council of Granada to know at what point is the future of the Teatro de la Ópera.

The architectural firm avoids pronouncing itself on the subject, alluding to the fact that the Andalusian Government is the one who must pronounce itself. Precisely its delegate of Culture, Guillermo Quero, admits that since he was appointed in December 2015, the project «has not been in any of the budgets of the Board». But he advocates that «in the framework of the European Capital of Culture is an issue that is addressed.» However, in his opinion, it should be the cultural infrastructure commission that exists for the capital who should «determine what the priorities are taking advantage of the institutional dialogue.»

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«… a very personal scenic writing, made of landscapes and light, of sound materials and cinematographic framing shots. The theater answering from its pre-industrial craftsmanship to the challenge of the great audiovisual media, reinventing, with new techniques, something as traditionally theatrical as the old theater machinery, capable of producing magic on stage.»

«Les Blouses is a hardly classifiable show, performed by Jerome Deschamps himself, Yves Robin and the actress Michéle Guigon, three characters beyond social categories and role definition, who make their action run along the paths of a black, radical humor, not exempt of tenderness for the wretched characters they create on stage. They do not start from a previously written text, their theater is not possible to translate it, to fix it in a dramatic text, because it is written with gestures, gags, mimic actions, manipulation of objects.»

«It is a great theatrical adventure: to turn that long Letter to the father, that Frank Kafka never got to see his father (…) into theatrical flesh. That text that seems to have been written with blades and not with letters is now gesture, mime, virtuosity of interpretation in the good work of José Luis Gómez…»

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I leave you my phone in case you want to make a wassap group :)lagunilla1986Disconnected#20428 30/10/20 21:16:38Good!!! I’m Lidia, I’m new in town and I would love to share my interest in theater, cinema and everything related to art. I think shared art is more enjoyable 🙂

I leave you my phone if you want to make a wassap group :)lagunilla1986Disconnected#20427 30/10/20 21:16:32Good!!! I’m Lidia, I’m new in town and I would love to share my interest in theater, cinema and everything related to art. I think shared art is more enjoyable 🙂