Diario del mundo en español

Diario del mundo en español

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The publishing company of El Mundo is Unidad Editorial Información General, S.L.U., which is owned by Unidad Editorial, S.A., also owner of Grupo Recoletos, both of which are majority-owned by RCS MediaGroup (Rizzoli), which controls the Italian daily newspaper with the largest circulation, Corriere della Sera, and which sets the general guidelines for action.[6] On March 8, 2010, the Unidad Editorial Group, together with other publishing companies, launched Orbyt, a paid digital content platform for all the editorial products of the aforementioned companies, on the Orbyt kiosk. On March 8, 2010, Grupo Unidad Editorial, together with other publishing companies, launched the Orbyt kiosk, a digital platform of paid content for all the editorial products of these companies, in which, in addition to having specific sections (four for El Mundo), it is also possible to consult the newspaper library of all publications, give opinions and interact with the editorial staff. The newspaper generally supported the government of José María Aznar. However, it questioned some of his actions, [citation needed] especially those that could favor PRISA – since the period of Felipe González, the two had become rivals.

El Mundo also seriously criticized the Iraq War.[11] El Mundo also criticized the Iraq War.

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The Official Gazette of the Province of Huesca has published this Monday the resolution of the call for aid for development cooperation and awareness projects, thanks to which 38 projects of different social entities will be launched both in the province and in different parts of the world.

The President of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, will present next Wednesday, the 20th, at the Gourmet Fair in Madrid, the brand ‘Campo y alma’, which will cover the products of the Autonomous Community of differentiated quality all over the world from now on.

The Osakidetza Cruces University Hospital has been included in the list of the 150 best specialized hospitals in the area of Pediatrics in the world in the World’s Best Specialized Hospitals 2022 ranking, carried out by the American magazine ‘Newsweek’ and the data portal ‘Statista’. Specifically, it is ranked 93rd.

The Pamplona City Council and the collectors of the 9915 Association are making a commitment to new artistic languages in ‘Audiovisiones’, the art exhibition that opens on the second floor of the Citadel’s Arms Hall and can be visited until February 13. The focus of interest of the exhibition is centered on the confluence between the visual and sound dimensions, the two great vectors that condition the human perception of the world.

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Clara Roquet: «The discomfort is something very cinematographic «JAVIER YUSTEContextwriter of Marqués-Marcet and Jaime Rosales, Roquet makes her directorial debut with ‘Libertad’, a film in which she addresses her obsessions. Among them, the privilege of class from the point of view of a young girl who loses her innocence during the summerRead more

Yotuel, Gente de Zona, Descemer Bueno and El Funky, composers of the song, starred in an evening in which C. Tangana won two awards and paid tribute to classics such as Rubén Blades, Caetano Veloso and Juan Luis Guerra.

Belkis Ayón and the symbolism of the Abakuá Secret SocietySAIOA CAMARZANAThe Reina Sofia Museum inaugurates the first retrospective in Europe dedicated to this Cuban artist, master of collography, who researched about this hermetic male brotherhood from NigeriaRead more

The feminist gaze of Naguib MahfuzNAGUIB MAHFUZWe exclusively publish his story ‘The Scream’, one of the stories in the Nobel Prize winner’s unpublished volume ‘Whispers of the Stars’, which Alianza the