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Narcos hooks us from the first moment thanks to the story behind the narco Pablo Escobar, the leader of the Medellin Cartel who had a criminal career of several decades, although the third season takes us to meet the Cali Cartel.

Therefore, with the help of Spotify we have created a Narcos: Mexico Playlist in which we can listen to all the songs that appear in this series. Starting with the classic Tuyo by Rodrigo Amarante, the opening song of Narcos since its first season, the Narcos: Mexico soundtrack also includes songs by artists such as Roberto Jordan, Toto, Los Tigres Del Norte or even Los Hombres G.

Rodrigo amarante

When it comes to the title sequences of Netflix series, the art printed on them has not fallen short. Think of House of Cards or Orange is the New Black, to name a couple, and we will perfectly remember the images and songs that welcome us in each episode.

Narcos has released its third season very recently, we found it to be an addictive and intense installment, albeit with a somewhat worn out formula. Even so, it keeps us on the edge of our seats in several episodes and we can distinguish that its story is shaping up to the Mexican cartels in the fourth season.

Narcos: mexico

On his debut album, Los Hermanos (1999), Amarante contributed very little, playing the flute and doing backing vocals. And there are only two songs written by him: «Quem Sabe» (who knows), which turned out to be one of the CD’s singles, and «Onze Dias» (eleven days).

After the hiatus in Los Hermanos (in 2007), he dedicates himself to Orquestra Imperial (a band in which he plays with Moreno Veloso (Caetano Veloso’s son), Nina Becker, and the actress Thalma de Freitas) and went to California to record «Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon» with Devendra Banhart where he started writing songs with Fabrizio Moretti and Binki Shapiro, trio that would soon become Little Joy.

In the album «Radio Alegria» (released in November 2007), by the Portuguese band «Os Azeitonas», there is a song by Rodrigo Amaranto called «Ola Rubi» (Hello Ruby). (Music by Amarante and lyrics by Os Azeitonas)

In 2014, Rodrigo Amarante released his first solo album, «Cavalo», one of the first releases on the easy Sounds Recording Company label. [1] The album received strong critical reviews, [2][3][4] and counted as one of NPR Music’s «50 favorite songs of 2014 so far». [5]

2:14rodrigo amarante – tuyo con letra en español – narcos – narcos ssv creative worksyoutube – 22 jul 2018

Tuyo es un bolero escrito y compuesto para la serie por el cantautor brasileño Rodrigo Amarante para el tema de apertura de Narcos.[1] Amarante escribió y vocalizó la canción en español, «Tuyo», como tema de apertura de la serie Narcos de Netflix Original. Se inspiró en la idea de qué tipo de música habría escuchado la madre de Pablo Escobar cuando criaba a su hijo[2] La canción debutó en el número 6 de la lista Latin Pop Digital Songs en torno al estreno de la serie en 2015[3] y fue nominada a un Primetime Emmy Award por Outstanding Main Title Theme Music.