La caixa es linia oberta

La caixa es linia oberta

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This is a service that La Caixa makes available to its customers so that they can carry out all the management of their accounts online. Avoiding travel, waiting and other inconveniences of having to go to a bank office.

Through a computer or a mobile device it is possible to consult all the data of our account with la Caixa. Such as balance, movements, etc. To carry out operations you can obtain the Línea Abierta de la Caixa card. For example, transfer money or return a receipt.

The service was currently free up to 100 queries (actually 100 queries through each of the enabled devices. That is, 100 on the computer and 100 on the cell phone). The fee after 100 consultations was 100 €. If we passed 200 consultations, it was 150 €.

Faced with the avalanche of criticism, added to the existing competition in the banking sector, la Caixa had no choice but to make this service free of charge. At least this is currently the case for individuals.

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In 1994, «la Caixa» bought Banco de Europa S.A., owned by Carlos Ferrer Salat.[4] In 2007, it was decided to change the name of Banco de Europa to MicroBank de «la Caixa», S.A., which, under the slogan «The social bank of «la Caixa»,[5] became a complementary entity to «la Caixa» and specialized in granting microcredits.

On October 10, 2007, 20% of Criteria CaixaCorp was listed simultaneously on the Madrid Stock Exchange and the Barcelona Stock Exchange under the symbol «CRI», worth 3.5 billion euros.[6][7] Criteria CaixaCorp’s investment holding company continued to exercise its business activities in the Spanish stock market.

The investment holding company continued to perform its function until January 28, 2011, when «la Caixa», wishing to restructure the structure of the entire group, carried out the spin-off of MicroBank from «la Caixa», S.A. into Criteria CaixaCorp, S.A., keeping its banking file and transforming it into a bank. Once this transformation was completed, it was decided to change the name of the entity to CaixaBank, S.A.[8].

On August 3, 2012, the registration of the deed of merger took place in the Mercantile Registry, resulting in the merger by absorption of Banca Cívica by CaixaBank and the extinction of the former. There was an exchange of 8 for 5 shares (8 shares of Banca Cívica with a par value of 1 euro for 5 shares of CaixaBank with the same par value). As a consequence, the shares of Banca Cívica ceased to trade on that day.[14] The shares of Banca Cívica ceased to trade on the same day.

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La Caixa offers you several ways of contact to resolve issues such as theft or loss of the card, report a claim or cancel an account. Below, we review the free telephone numbers of La Caixa, fax, e-mail and the available branches.

The success of CaixaBank comes from a good customer service and the availability of free 24-hour contact numbers. Thus, the bank provides attention to users from three different channels:

In the same way, a frequent situation has Caixabank ATMs as a scenario. If the card is not returned when cash is withdrawn, the passbook is swallowed or the banknotes are not given, even when the cash has been withdrawn, these are problems that CaixaBank solves through:

Another of Caixabank’s frequent procedures are related to the issue of insurance. SegurCaixa, through Adeslas, offers home, life, car and health insurance. The free telephone numbers to contact them or report any incident are:

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As you know, imagin is the mobile entity of CaixaBank, its Current Account (the one you have now) has no commissions, works through the phone, is associated with a free debit card and offers numerous discounts on entertainment, travel, etc..

I do not understand the change of account then, because I have just turned 20 and I have changed everything, card and app to see my account and my parents for example only the card and they can continue to get into the normal app of la caixa. In the nearest Caixa they don’t even know why.

In your case, this transfer must be to avoid paying commissions for the maintenance of the account or to facilitate the management. Your parents will not have been transferred because they must have their salaries paid directly into their account. In any case, if you are interested in returning to CaixaBank, you can go to a branch and ask to become a customer of the bank again.

Hello, a question…I switched to imaginbank…Now it is as if you had two accounts, right? Entoces to not be charged for having the normal account I have to cancel the caixa Bank is associated with the other and lose both?