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The operation deployed by the Guardia Civil managed after several hours of tracking to find the shooter who killed these two agents and at least one other person between the Teruel towns of Albalate del Arzobispo and Andorra, official sources of the Government Delegation and the Benemérita have highlighted to Efe.

The Civil Guard had established an operation to locate those involved in the incident on the 5th, in which two people were shot when they went to change the lock of a country house in Albalate, which they thought was broken.

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Norbert Feher (cirílico serbio: Норберт Фехер; nacido el 10 de febrero de 1981), también conocido como «Igor el Ruso», «Igor Vaclavic» y «Ezequiel», es un criminal serbio de etnia húngara. Se le atribuyen varios delitos de asesinato y robo en Italia y España. Actualmente se encuentra en este último país cumpliendo su condena tras ser capturado después de su último crimen en Andorra, Teruel, España.

Feher nació en 1981 en Subotica, una ciudad del norte de Serbia, en la provincia autónoma de Vojvodina, con una fuerte presencia húngara (entonces Yugoslavia), hijo de Jene y Zuzana[1][2] Según contó a sus compañeros de prisión, sirvió en el ejército ruso durante la Primera Guerra de Chechenia como miembro de las fuerzas especiales[3].

También según sus relatos, mientras estaba en Rusia, su hija habría sido asesinada en represalia contra él, además también tendría un hijo[4] Siempre según lo que le contaron a su compañero de celda, después de haber desertado del ejército ruso se habría trasladado a China, donde habría aprendido el idioma chino;[5] además de este idioma tiene conocimientos de italiano, húngaro, rumano, ruso, serbocroata y algunas palabras de español[6].

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In 2007, despite his ability to radically change his appearance, he was arrested by the Italian authorities for a series of robberies between Ferrara and Rovigo, characterized by the preferential use of bladed weapons such as bow and knife earning him the nickname of ninja in the area. In Rovigo prison he presented himself to the Italian authorities under the false identity of Igor Vaclavic, thus avoiding extradition.

Released in 2010, he returned to criminal activity and seems to have also engaged in gigolo activity. On November 4, 2011, the chief prosecutor of Ferrara signed an expulsion order, but, in the absence of identification and not having been recognized by Russia (of which he had said he was a citizen), he remained in Argone prison until his early release, in 2015. Again sent to the CIE, this time he was not expelled either. The family who remained in Serbia and with whom he kept in contact did not cooperate in the investigation.

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Norbert Feher, Igor the Russian, was arrested after shooting dead two civil guards and a farmer in a place called «Mas del Saso» between the Teruel towns of Andorra and Albalate del Arzobispo.

Feher has left the courthouse guarded with great security measures by the Civil Guard to be sent to the provincial prison of Teruel, At the time of leaving the courthouse several people waiting in the street have rebuked him » murderer, criminal, you deserve death «.

«They knew that the individuals they were looking for were violent, because in one of the robbed houses they had wounded two people on December 5 and in another they had killed a dog, that’s why the guards were wearing bulletproof vests but, unexpectedly and without them knowing it, they went to hit Igor the Russian, who once again shot to kill, shooting them in vital organs,» assure sources of the investigation.