La mañana de la 1 a la carta

La mañana de la 1 a la carta

La mañana tve

RTVE a la carta is one of the most outstanding services offered by the group. To watch all the contents of RTVE a la carte you only need an Internet connection which allows you to access all the RTVE channels, both television and radio.

The RTVE a la carte service has a large number of functionalities, some of which allow you to watch programs already broadcasted. To access RTVE a la carte you just have to connect to its website or use the free RTVE a la carte application.

RTVE’s programs and series form the main cast of the group. RTVE has a great entertainment offer, with well-known series and programs with a large audience. In the RTVE a la carte service you can enjoy a multitude of chapters and watch editions of programs at the time you want.

If you are a registered user, you can create alerts so as not to miss the RTVE programs and series you are following. In addition, you can also create your own playlist to be able to watch the contents in the order you prefer.

Rtve directo

Telenotícies01:07:36 Telenotícies migdia – 18/11/202100:34:34 Telenotícies comarques – 18/11/202101:00:55 Telenotícies matí – 18/11/202101:06:19 Telenotícies vespre – 17/11/202101:08:28 Telenotícies migdia – 17/11/202100:35:08 Telenotícies comarques – 17/11/202101:00: 52 Telenotícies matí – 17/11/202101:03:55 Telenotícies vespre – 16/11/202101:08:02 Telenotícies migdia – 16/11/202100:35:18 Telenotícies comarques – 16/11/202101:01:17 Telenotícies matí – 16/11/202101:08:35 Telenotícies vespre – 15/11/2021Veure mésFlexta esquerraFlexta dretaTots

Operation triumph

The author of the letter is unknown: despite all the speculations about the authorship, no hypothesis has been confirmed. As it has come down to us, the letter is anonymous: the name of its author does not appear in the text, since the usual introduction in this type of text identifying the author and the addressees is missing. The reference to Timothy, the addressee of two of the epistles attributed to Paul, towards the end of the letter, led us to think that its author was Paul of Tarsus, or at least someone from his circle of collaborators:

In the first centuries of Christianity the attribution to Paul was disputed. Thanks to Eusebius of Caesarea (Hist. Eccl., VI, xiv, n. 2-4; xxv, n. 11-14) it is known that in the Eastern churches the idea of Pauline authorship was accepted, although some authors, such as Clement of Alexandria and Origen, noted the notable differences between the style of Paul and that of this book. Clement explained this by stating that the book had originally been written in Hebrew, and later translated by Luke into Greek; Origen thought that the theological ideas of the letter came from Paul, but not its style, which he considered to have been put in writing by another author (perhaps Luke or Clement of Rome).[3] The book’s style, which he considered to have been put in writing by another author (perhaps Luke or Clement of Rome), was not accepted by the Eastern churches.

Telediariotelevision program

Traditional recipes inspired by the Indian essence and combined with nouvelle cuisine. Spoon dishes, starters, meats and fish with local ingredients that in each bite seek to create an explosion of flavors and textures.

A perfect option to enjoy a selection of gourmet tapas in a relaxed atmosphere. Quality proposals such as rabas from the Cantabrian Sea, Asturian cheeses or our special tapas of the day, will surprise you with their special touch.

Its alma mater are the cocktails with names inspired by ‘the Americas’. Combined with first class spirits that pay tribute to renowned Indians or the most famous colonial-style mansions.