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It is available in three colors: Forest Green (green), Pearl White (white) and Mineral Grey (dark gray), which is the one we have been able to test. It is true that it generates some attractive reflections when light falls on it, but it is a magnet for fingerprints and dirt in general.

On the back, we have an elongated module in the center where three of the four main camera sensors are housed, all of them vertically aligned with the fingerprint reader just below. That module protrudes quite a bit, which causes dirt to accumulate around it as well. To its right, we find the fourth sensor (dedicated to macro photography) and the flash.

Let’s go now with the edges: in the upper frame, we have the noise-canceling microphone and the infrared port, while the lower one is where the speaker, the headphone jack and the USB-C port are. The card slot (two nano SIM or nano SIM + micro SD) is located on the left side, and the volume and power buttons are on the right.

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The river sounded and water has led to Redmi, the brand independent of Xiaomi, which has just introduced two new terminals of its Note line, almost coinciding with the Samsung Galaxy Note. Thus, of the new Redmi Note 8 and Redmi 8 Pro, the latter stands out as the first mobile to integrate a 64-megapixel sensor.

Hence it was an announcement somewhat more expected than usual, although the previous Redmi Note have been mobiles with good value for money and possibly these are still candidates for those looking for renewal if as expected they reach other markets. For the moment they have been presented in China and have confirmed many of the leaks we saw months ago.

The back maintains that brightness so fashionable and characteristic of the previous Redmi, as well as the curved edges. The fingerprint reader is also located here, seeing that the cameras are in the middle and that the reader is included in the bulge of the same, passing the fourth camera to be outside this hump.

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Did you have a prediction list ready with the possible candidates? I’m sure you’ll agree with some of them. Xiaomi has been the real protagonist of the Xataka Orange Awards 2021. Its name has sounded up to 10 times and the awards have been piling up in a night full of electricity with the Capitol Cinemas as a backdrop.

The community agrees with the decision on this Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 which, although it is no longer manufactured in China, proposes an irresistible result for its low price: a bargain with triple camera and 90Hz AdaptiveSync screen for just over 200 euros.

Second prize goes to the Xiaomi Pad 5, overshadowed by an iPad that has already run the race and has managed to consolidate its position as undisputed leader thanks to the unbeatable M1 processors. Don’t let them relax, however, because the Xiaomi pad 5 also won the coveted Community Award and you know what they say: it’s the people who elect the mayor. Was it like that?

The Xiaomi Mi TV P1 takes a worthy third place. However, the community has awarded the gold to the Xiaomi Mi TV Q1 75. It is clear: to have in the living room 75 inches for less than 1,000 euros is a bargain.

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We’ve mentioned in the past that thanks to technological advancement, computational photography is driving the power of mobile as a photographic system. Under the right hands we can see people capturing gallery-worthy scenes on their iPhone, Pixel, Huawei and other brands. Could Xiaomi’s mobile be up to the task?

Our colleagues at Xataka have already done an in-depth analysis of what the handset is like overall. This article is not intended to tell you whether it is a good mobile or not. This mobile simply caught our attention from a photographic point of view. After testing a few days a borrowed one in May, I decided to buy it last month and try to experiment from someone who likes to be on shoots or photo outings capturing moments.

Unfortunately, because of the quarantine here where I am, I have not been able to test the full potential of the camera. But after a month of using a 108 MP system with five cameras, these are my impressions of the photographic value of this terminal.